Hand Knit Cashmere and Baby Alpaca Beanie in Black

Hand Knit Cashmere and Baby Alpaca Beanie in Black

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The perfect hat - all you need to stay cozy, warm and stylish through the cold months.

 This hat is so easy to wear you'll wonder how you've managed to go through a winter without it! It looks great on everyone, you can wear it slouchy, or super high up, or even  fold it and wear it like a cap (guys like that a lot!). The WOOLN knitters, carefully combining a strand of alpaca with a strand of cashmere, create an item of incomparable luxury. You won't get over it, softer doesn't exist and cashmere cocoons you in a fuzzy halo of warmth and comfort.

UNISEX  50% baby alpaca - 50% cashmere.

WOOLN has collaborated with a team of retired talented knitters to handcraft winter hats, using beautiful alpaca from Peru. All the pieces are labelled with the knitter’s name who meticulously knit the piece.

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