Handmade Artisanal Soap - Seaweed

Handmade Artisanal Soap - Seaweed

$ 18.00

This seaweed bar nods to the Oregon Coast. Where national forest meets the Pacific Ocean, this soap reflects the varied hues of trees and sea. The crafted essential oil blend embodies minty refreshment complemented by rosemary. The flecks embedded within the soap are Oregon Dulse seaweed that is cultivated and harvested at a local farm in Bandon, Oregon.

Vegan and Palm-Free

Essential oils (steam distilled) — Eucalyptus, rosemary, bergamot, and laurel leaf. Clays and Exfoliants — Green clay, Oregon dulse seaweed, and poppyseed. Saponified Oils — Coconut, shea butter, olive, rice bran, sweet almond, and castor. 

This soap is made and shaved by hand, so each bar may have slight imperfections and inconsistencies. Each bar is safe for your hands and body. For best use and longevity, use a soap dish with water drainage. Lather and enjoy!

2.8 oz | 79g

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