Khristy Kim - ‘Le Goat’

Khristy Kim - ‘Le Goat’

$ 170.00

Original on Wood

‘Le Goat’

Acrylic on Wood

8 x 10 x 1.5 inch

Artist Khristy Kim

All sales are final.  Shipping cost for original artwork will be billed separately.

Also available as a print on stretched canvas unframed 16 x 20 inch


Originally from Southern California, Kristy Kim followed her heart north, enticed by stories her art school friend shared of the region and specifically the magical San Juan Islands.  With her station wagon loaded she made her way to Seattle and for years would visit the islands taking in the natural beauty and participating in some of her favorite activities of camping, swimming and sailing.  This last October Khristy and her young family made the jump to live fulltime on Orcas Island.  

Khristy’s self proclaimed ‘laugh out loud’ personality bubbles through in her work.  In fact it is personalities that she loves to capture in her fantastic acrylic paintings of plant and pet portraits.  Her approach to painting is rooted in her photography background.  During her first lonely winter in Seattle Khristy was compelled to paint some of her favorite photographs.  Her painting career built from there. Soon she was taking commissions to paint realistic portraits of people's beloved pets.  Hoping to paint something for herself and being a rather dedicated plant lover, Khristy fell upon the idea to create plant portraits of her most favorite house plants.  Some of these plant friends are portrayed in this upcoming show.  Notably Betty the fiddle leaf fig, that Khristy hopes you’ll send good thoughts to while you view her painting as this plant is struggling a bit and could use your love!   

You can see Betty and the rest of Khristy’s portrait paintings at our latest Gallery Wall show opening August 4th - September 9th at Material Wit.

A note from Khristy..
I am so incredibly excited to be on Orcas Island and be featured in this beautiful space.  Supporting local, especially women run businesses, is profoundly important to me and I appreciate you peeping my work. I am a one woman show and appreciate every and all support.

  My instagram handles are @wallsofwild and @paint_my_canine but the truth is I am finding life too short/busy to spend much time online so perhaps emailing me is the best way to get in touch and if you’re interested in a custom pet portrait, please check out my website