Khristy Kim | ‘Cattle Point Lighthouse’ Painting | 6 inch

$ 80.00

Our June gallery show brings so much joy and nostalgia through the story and talent of local artist, Khristy Kim.  This latest body of work was inspired by Khristy’s lighthouse keeper father and her own oceanic adventures with her husband.  The Pacific Lighthouse Series by Khristy Kim will be up throughout June.  Please come by and take a look!

’Cattle Point Lighthouse’

Acrylic on wood

6 in.

Available for purchase in store or here through our site. 


Artist Statement 

My mom was 26 working for pan am as a flight attendant based in Hawaii when she was reluctantly set up on a blind date with a 22 year old lighthouse keeper in the coast guard. this was 1974. They quickly bonded over a shared love of adventure and went on to travel the world together (dad with a perm) before settling down to raise 3 daughters-of which I am the youngest.

We continued to travel as a family on mom's benefits-usually somewhere coastal and always visiting any lighthouse within reason.  My dad would fondly tell us his wild and fun stories about being in the coast guard and exuded lots of pride when talking about his duties, his team was actually in charge of automating the lights

so he knew the last ever grounds keeper in several of the Hawaiian lighthouses, history that is my dad's to keep. History that is his story.

My parents raised us in southern california yet I always had this strong nostalgic feeling deep in my bones pulling me towards the great north coast. I finally surrendered to the call a fter graduating with my BFA from colorado. I packed up my vw wagon and moved sight unseen to seattle, not long after I met my partner (in a bar) where we fell in love over a shared obsession of water and more specifically being on it in boats. Since then we've explored countless lighthouses on several continents in many vessels. This collections is from lighthouses we've frequented over the years. I hope they bring you as much tranquility and wanderlust as they have brought me.  

Don’t let anyone put your light out, Khristy Kim



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