Holiday Wreaths by Material Wit

Above: Our Classic Wreath with Fir, Redwood and cone heavy Cypress sprigs accented with Pine cones. This wreath is 24 inch in diameter.

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In-Store Pickup by December 1st

How to Order: 

Choose your style

  • Classic - Fir, Redwood and cone heavy Cypress sprigs accented with Pine cones
  • Woodland - Cypress, Redwood and Fir sprigs accented with red Dogwood twigs and Pine cones
  • Bright Berry - Fir, Pine and Redwood sprigs accented with Holly berry sprigs

Choose your size

  • 14 inch
  • 18 inch
  • 24 inch
  • 30-36 inch

Fill out our in-store order form or email us directly at

Wreath Sizes and Prices:

14 inch - $48

18 inch - $60

24 inch - $75

30-36 inch - $100

Don’t forget to add a bow!  We have a great selection of classic bows to add on to your wreath when you come to pick them up.


Above: Our Bright Berry Wreath with Fir, Redwood and Pine sprigs accented with Holly berries.  This wreath is 18 inch in diameter.


All our wreaths are handmade by our Material Wit team with sustainable and local harvested greenery and accents on sturdy wire frames. These wreaths are as fresh as they come and will last beautifully through the holiday.  


Above: Our Woodland Wreath with Cypress, Fir and Redwood sprigs accented with red Dogwood twigs and Pine Cones.  This wreath is 30 inch in diameter.

We have a limited supply of wreaths this year so please order now to reserve yours.

Our sizing is based on the outside diameter of the finished wreath.  Available in sizes 14, 18, 24 and 30-36 inch.  A 24” wreath sits nicely on a standard 36” door.  

Special requests please email us directly at

Need your wreath sooner? Let us know your timeframe and we should be able to accommodate.

For the longest lasting wreath display it outside and undercover.  Front doors are perfect locations.  If you display them inside keep them away from bright sunlight and heat sources. 


Happy Holidays!