The HIYU COLLECTION, meaning metaphor or simile in Japanese, is based on the Washington State ferry system that serves the San Juan Islands.  Named from one such ferry boat, the HIYU COLLECTION reflects both the character of the steel framed ship and the nostalgic romance of the ocean.  In creating this collection, designer Jessie Morrow was inspired by this juxtaposition of industry and island life.  It is this place in-between that is the essence of the the HIYU COLLECTION, like deja vu or a memory and hope all in the same moment.

Utilizing a mixed metal aesthetic, the HIYU COLLECTION offers a well balanced selection of necklaces, earrings and bracelets in solid brass, bronze and sterling silver.  The pieces are first carved in wax, cast in brass and sterling silver and meticulously finished with the highest quality materials.  To round out the collection Jessie has included some ultra modern hand forged pieces.  Staying true to a clean minimalist aesthetic, the pieces in this collection have a simplicity and functionality that make for an effortless style.