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pebble necklace

As a child in my contemplative moments I always turned to nature and especially to the small things. It did not take much to entertain me, something as simple as a pebble would do. It was the interaction of the elements with the object that kept my attention. The object being intimately observed could show so much.

In my hand I could feel the pebble's weight and its smoothness from years of tumbling on the shore. I could see how the light reflected on its curves and how its appearance changed as the sun dried the ocean away. Once a glistening dark treasure, now something missing from its home.

I rarely take anything from the beach. The pebbles never look the same without their collaboration with the elements of the shore.

But, I did take a few pebbles this time. I careful selected them one at a time, sat them in a bowl and imagined them in metal. I worked on how I could transform the pebbles into a classic and effortless jewelry collection.
My hope is that the F O U N D collection reminds us of the its home, of Orcas Island, the shores, the waters, and all the little pebbles.

Shown here is the DROP PEBBLE NECKLACE

Available March 12th
F O U N D Collection 2018

photography Karen Meng 
creative direction and styling Jessie Morrow

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