Market Truck

Today the dew is heavy, the air crisp and the sun brilliant.  The once golden grass has turned brown in the unmowed field across from my studio and the pears trees are picked.  Its fall on Orcas Island.

 This past weekend was the last outdoor farmers market.  No more long days talking to customers from all over the USA and beyond.  No more hot coffee from Local Goods and yummy chicken tamales.  The old market truck is getting unpacked for now, till the holiday season rolls round.

Even a workaholic like myself welcomes this change of pace.  I get to be a bit more evaluative of my work, my scope and in general how I want and wish my life to be.  Fall is a good time to be an artist.  The change in season brings on an almost build in reflectiveness that is so integral to the creative process.

But then of course there is always the 'what next'.  Like a ticking time bomb, I feel the itch already.  In quiet moments like these designs and ideas flood my brain and I spend a lot of time with a pencil and my trusty notepad.  Here we go again!

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